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The Pinacoteca’s interest in improving the teachers’ access to its Collection and its cultural heritage, and preparing them to perceive the educational potential of its contents, is what stimulated the creation of several initiatives focusing on the teachers.

The meetings with teachers aim to assist them in developing propositions that include art in their classrooms, with the purpose of building interest for art through actions that relate to exhibitions both of the Collection’s works and of temporary events.

These meetings happen in coordination with the educational visits for students and its contents focus on the construction of knowledge in art and the reflection on the use of the Collection images as educational resources in classroom.

Support materials

The Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo’s Educational Initiatives Department developed several pedagogical materials that has the purpose of approximating the educational actions that take place in the museum to the formal education’s practices and curriculum.

These materials, which focus on different times, artists, techniques and art languages, are composed by works of art reproductions, interpretation suggestions and indicated poetical and accessible propositions, as well as texts about the context in which those works were produced, aspects of the artists’ trajectory, comparative timeline, glossary and reading suggestions.

All education institutions may receive, free of charge, a set of these materials. For such, one of its teachers must go to the Pinacoteca’s Educational Initiatives Department (Praça da Luz, n.2), during the week and from 10.00 to 17.00.
ATTENTION! We inform that, to maintain the materials distribution available for all schools, the educational institutions that promote pedagogical visits to the museum will receive a limited amount of these materials, as long as it is requested in advance, by e-mail, to the department’s coordination.

Information and scheduling by telephone:

Valdir or Paulo
(+5511) 3324.0944 / 3324.0943