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Educational Visits

The Educational Visits have the purpose of improving the enjoyment of the Pinacoteca Collection’s works of art by different audiences. For such, it is employed an investigative method that stimulates visitors to take part in it.

All our educators are trained to meet the visitors’ different interests, combining them to the educational potential of the works discussed in the defined pathways through the Collection’s long-term exhibition, which has about eight hundred pieces of works.

Although most part of the educational visits focus on school groups, the educators also assist other groups, such as families and seniors. The following are some educational visits and the strategies involved in this process.

Poetical propositions

From the group’s responses, if relevant, the educators perform playful and educational activities that seek to make more concrete the art world contents that are perceived in a cognitive manner during the visit. These initiatives, called Poetical propositions, may include plastic and expressive activities, and are developed by the educators themselves during their mediation researches.

Educational visit: to make an appointment, call (+5511) 3324-0943 or 3324-0944. It is accessible to people with special needs and reduced mobility.