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Logo da Pinacoteca

Educational Initiatives

What the necessity of implementing the current Educational Initiatives Department, in 2002, came from the responsibility of recreating an active department of educational activities that would help enhance the enjoyment and the comprehension of the rich Pinacoteca Collection by an increasingly wide public.

Preliminary researches, which aimed to better understand the museum’s different visitors, enabled the acknowledgement of the segment’s specific educational needs, and, mostly, the identification of a potential audience that do not participate on this universe.

Therefore, the Pinacoteca Educational Initiatives Department’s goals are developing educational activities related to its Collection, promoting the public’s experience and assuring a broad access to the museum, besides including those people who aren’t ordinarily visitors and encouraging them to visit the museum.

This series of educational challenges, which are in line with the collection’s relevance, propelled the development of several different actions that, although are formulated as independent programs, act in synergy, exchanging experiences listed under a common pedagogical guideline.

The educational program’s main proposition is to operate through stimuli capable of establishing dialogues with our visitors, having as a starting point their perception, interpretation and understanding of the focused works, for the construction of possible meanings.